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Inhabit Yoga

Movement for Body, Mind, Heart, Action Integration

When you move your body, your blood, your breath in a conscious and playful manner, you allow your body to relax. When your body relaxes, your mind relaxes, when your mind relaxes you have the opportunity to experience a heart-centered expanded sense of yourself. In this space of expansion, you have an opportunity to inhabit all of your energy fields and your full amazing authentic self.

The more you inhabit all of you, the more integrated and focused your energy is. You become masterful at gracefully and powerfully directing your intention and energy towards change, healing, and holistic positive action.

Designed to ignite and ground experiences of heart-centered expansiveness, Inhabit Movement and Meditation is gentle, yet powerful stretching and moving asana inspired by elements of kundalini and intuitive movement. Delivered with music and a lighthearted approach, you can expect to finish sessions feeling at home in your body, expanded into multiple energy fields, and imbued with life force.

Every Inhabit Session has a context and intent; every class is different. By taking into account both the energy of the planet and the energy of those participating, together we create an inspiring oasis in time.

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While each class is unique, there are some things you can expect: +A set focus for the class and a group tuning-in.+Gentle stretching / warm-up.+Great music that supports the focus of class.+Flowing movement while standing & sitting.+Layout to integrate expanded life-force energy.+A simple group mantra to end class.                                                                                                                                                                            

Benefits include: +A calming of your nervous system.+Movement of the lymphatic system.+A sensation of rejuvenation & increase of vitality.+An experience of inner expansion radiating out.+Conscious awareness of multiple-energy-fields.+Awareness of your body’s tension and release mechanisms.+Increased awareness of life force energy within and around you.