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more about radical emergence

Water faceWhile it is important to organize and be in action, it is just as important to remain connected and aware of the ever-changing flow of life.

If we separate ourselves from our own inherent changing nature, we can become anxious & insecure and attempt to control the pace of our own profound, radical emergence.

I design and deliver services and programs that integrate successful business practices with meditation and yoga. I have worked in the field of Business & Spirituality for over 20 years and am honored to continue to support business owners and leaders who are committed to creating a new “business-as-usual”.

Business-as-usual applies to how “business is done “ as well as to you personally — how you operate — what is rote, what is stuck, what works, what does not. Both meditation and yoga cut thru your usual and gives you access to true powerful sovereign you. From this place you can restore, replenish, and re-align to your nature of radical flowing emergence.

Radical emergence : support for your projects