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Emergence Sessions

With breath, meditation, and an energy clearing, I help you to release what is not helpful to you so you can easily re-align to your nature of radical flowing emergence and wisdom.

The opportunity then arises for profound perspective -a perspective that brings you back to present time  -free of overwhelmed ego, default patterns, and any energy you may have picked up that does not support you.

In these hour long sessions, I clear off non-helpful energy and create the space for you to reclaim vital, expansive energy. When life force is restored and your circumvent field is strengthened, you experience a sense of graceful freedom.

I also offer sessions specifically focused on the emergence of your business more info.

Many people find regular monthly sessions to be helpful 

At my Galisteo or Santa Fe studio, in your home, via phone or Skype.

One Session $80    –    Three Sessions $210    –    Five Sessions $ 300    –    Ten Sessions $500

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