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You + Powerful Pause = Radical Business Emergence

When you take the time to powerfully and consistently pause, you are able to recognize and allow emergence.

Emergence energetically grounds intuition and ignites rapid evolution free of default patterns.

Emergence is possible when we review not just the idea or the spreadsheet, but the spaces in-between.

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As we move through our days, we tend to become disconnected from our spacious nature as we experience:

disconnection from the inspiring mission and purpose of our business.
energetic drains that come from absorbing energy that is not helpful to us as we connect to technology, other people, and the environment.

Ultimately, we can separate from our inherent holistic, expansive nature and unconsciously attempt to control the presence and pace of radical emergence.

Emergence can be found in the spaces in-between and gets us to the “pop“, the “aha”, the moment we realize we are not just our bodies and our minds, the answer, the knowing. Emergence becomes radical when we integrate the ripple post-pop.

With guided mediation, energy clearing, and a map of the seven key components of a business with gridlines connected to your chakras, in Pause Sessions you:

notice and release what is not helpful
fill new found spaciousness with supportive energy
integrate shifts so you can move knowing into manifestation
return to your alignment of radical flowing emergence and spaciousness

Click here for info on PAUSE Sessions

Facilitated by MBA and certified yoga instructor 505-466-1961