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Power in the Pause

These sessions are held the last Tuesday of every month 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. in the healing vortex of Galisteo, New Mexico. The cost is $20.

Each Power in the Pause session is typically a blend of meditation, visualization, gentle yoga and energy clearings anchored in with a model for an integrative, co-expansive business.

The main objective is to provide a space for you to align and access your full capacity. Full capacity includes clear energy in mind, body, spirit; free of stress and aligned with your highest self.

In the session you will experience:

Guided relaxation into the healing vortex of earth / ocean energy that is Galisteo.

The release of surface stress and the resetting of apana (your ability to release toxins / what is not yours) with gentle stretching.

A gentle yoga set designed to activate your body, reset your prana (your ability to receive) and set your field to command your personal and business domain.

A meditation focused specifically on viewing your business / project in relationship to your personal chakra energy by accessing your intuition, highest self, connection to source (however you define source).

Sharing in safe, supportive energy with like-minded individuals.

The meditation is based on a model for an integrative co-creative business. The seven components of an integrated business co-expand one another and are related to your chakras as the owner,

1 Magical Mission

2 Co-Customers

3 “Oh WOW” Offerings

4 Supportive Structure

5 Clear Communications

6 Financial Finesse

7 Community Contribution

At the end of the session you will leave with grounded renewed energy to put forth in your life and business. More specifically you will have:

1. Profound clarity on how to move forward both personally and professionally for the next 30 days.
2. Actions you can take in your business starting immediately.
3. Energetic support for your success.

Contact 505-466-1961