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Series & Workshops

Below is a series & workshop I deliver, customized to your audience and venue, to experience the integration of powerful business practices with meditation and yoga.

Command Your Domain Series

Powerfully commanding the domain of a business means being consciously aware of all aspects of your being that impact the holistic success of your business. These eight, hour-long sessions are designed to clear and enhance the participant’s connection between their chakra landscape and the core components of a strong business.

Power in the Pause

While it is important to organize and be in action, it is just as important to consciously connect to the “flow” “chi” “source” of life. When we separate from our own inherent core nature, we can become anxious & insecure and attempt to control the pace of profound, radical emergence. Radical emergence is rapid evolution free of old patterns of operation. When you take the time to powerfully pause and holistically review, you are more able to trust your own vital emergence, gracefully expand, and openly absorb emergent energy. In this two-hour experience, we relax, center and align with meditation, gentle yoga and sharing.