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Ruby Renshaw Bio


Ruby Renshaw, MBA

For many years I owned my own accounting practice and after moving to Houston, Texas and completing my MBA, I worked in the field of management consulting. My thesis had been “Tracking the Impact of Business & Spirituality” and I worked with Fortune 500 Human Resource Managers to design systems and measures for cultural initiatives.

I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga thru a random DVD purchase in 1994 and practiced at home before discovering an ashram in Houston. There, I met a teacher, Guruatma K. Khalsa, who gently guided me into the depth, breadth and potential of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in 6 a.m. classes.

Moving to Santa Fe in 2011, I participated in the yoga teacher training at Yoga Santa Fe primarily to deepen my own personal practice and understanding; secondarily I discovered an interest in teaching and a desire to dive more deeply into the integrative aspect of the yoga.

While the core of the focus of my work continues to be about growth, empowerment, and expansion, my methods now include a primary focus on leaders “going within”, through simple meditation techniques, in order to access epiphanies and wide-perspective on strategy and implementation. 

My strength lies in strategic planning, developing systems to track implementation, and the directive of cultural assets towards maximum performance. My passion lies in working with leadership to establish plans and alignment of assets from a very deep view of overall direction.

My expertise is providing the space to explore new realms of possibility, access shifts in perspective, and assist in the design and development of communication and systems that gracefully implement evolutionary vision.

I have been speaking, writing about, and working to demonstrate how to effortlessly integrate successful business practices and conscious practices for over twenty-five years. During that time, I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and Fortune 500 companies including Baker Hughes, KPMG, Shell International and Sterling Bank.

When appropriate, I integrate meditation into 

Cultural Initiatives – Leadership Development – Management Consulting – Needs & Gap Assessments – Organizational Development – Start-ups – Strategic Planning & Implementation – Training & Facilitation

In case you are interested….more about me

I presented at the initial International Conferences on Business & Consciousness on invisible wealth in organizations after completing my master’s thesis on Business & Spirituality. My articles have appeared in numerous publications including Business Spirit Journal – Bringing Consciousness to Business; Emerging Lifestyles; The Houston Business Journal; and The World Business Academy’s Quarterly Journal Perspectives. I have also written an eBook Becoming a Source of Good: Seven Simple Success Practices to Transform Your Business and the World.