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PAUSE Program

You + Powerful Pause = Radical Business Emergence

The PAUSE Program is designed to support you exactly where you are – whether just starting out, evolving to the next level, or powerfully managing your growing enterprise with ease.

There are many ways to experience PAUSE : Power in the Pause monthly group sessions, private more intense sessions, and strategic review sessions. 

Power in the Pause monthly group sessions

A clearing and healing “check-in” with added epiphanies! >> Click here for more info

Private Sessions

Emergence Sessions pause, clear, discern 

Energetically (as we connect with technology, people, and the environment) we can absorb energy that is not ours and/or not helpful. We become separate from our own inherent expansive nature and attempt to control the pace of radical emergence without realizing it. These sessions fundamentally are clearings to support you in making decisions that are non-outside-influenced and from-YOUR-core decisions. Perfect for people just starting out!

Info on Business Emergence Sessions

Info on Personal Emergence Sessions

Command Your Domain Series leverage all of your personal power

These eight, hour-long sessions will clear and enhance your inner landscape as it relates to specific core components of a strong business. You will be able to respond to external events with more awareness and clarity, and hence, expand and amplify results you deliver. This is a great way to develop a simple, yet strong and integrated strategic plan!

More about the Command Your Domain Series

Integral Meditative Management complete overview of strategic design

In a 90-day time frame, we review, revise and / or completely create your strategic business plan with a focus on engaging all of the assets available to you, including, but not limited to, traditional assets, cultural assets, and your own innate leadership and business wisdom. This is perfect for existing enterprises moving to the next level!

More about Integral Meditative Management

Facilitated by MBA and certified yoga instructor 505-466-1961