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Yogic Laws of Prosperity

Week 1 : Introduction

Overview of the laws and your personal initial alignment

Week 2 : The Law of Pure Potentiality

Anything is possible, vast, unlimited

Week 3 : The Law of Containment

Create a structure to hold the flow of prosperity

Week 4 : The Law of Attraction

The mind is a magnet

Week 5 : The Law of Prayer

Be clear about the, intention

Week 6 : The Law of Faith

It already exists, and its already written, just see it now

Week 7 : The Law of Projection

One must ask and have clarity & vision of goal to receive

Week 8 : The Law of Tithing

Give 10% to infinity, to the unknown, and it returns to you

Week 9 : The Law of Receiving

Create the space to receive the blessing of gifts

Week 10 : The Law of Magnification

Understand the principles of increasing exponentially

Week 11 : The Law of Patience

Trust. Wait & let the hand of God work for you