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List of Business Services

Business Plan Design | foundation

Whether you are wanting to solidify your ideas, are looking for investors, or expanding a business… you will find that developing a business plan can be extremely rewarding and inspiring.

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Command Your Domain Strategic Design Series |expansion

These nine hour-long sessions will clear and enhance your inner landscape as it relates to specific core components of a strong business. You will solidify the direction of your business and be able to respond to external events with clarity, and hence, expand and amplify results.

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Emergence Sessions  | awareness

While it is important to organize and be in action, it is equally important to pause and review. Energetically (as we connect with technology, people, and the environment) we can absorb energy that is not ours and/or not helpful. We become separate from our own inherent expansive nature and attempt to control the pace of radical emergence.

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Inhabit Yoga Sessions | integration

Experience your own expansive nature and relax into the access of additional levels of life force energy to integrate into your projects.

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Integral Strategic Design Process | sustainability

In a 90-day time frame, we review, revise and / or completely create your strategic business plan with a focus on engaging all of the assets available to you, including, but not limited to, traditional assets, cultural assets, and your own innate leadership and business wisdom.

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Jump Start Strategic Design Process | clarity

This three-session program is for you if you are thinking about starting a business or want to further clarify what you are currently doing.

a Strategy Stream Program 

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Power Booster | accountability

If you know what to do, but you just don’t always do it, these eight powerful, inspiring and personalized sessions are designed to support and keep you in graceful action as you implement the design of your business.

a Strategy Stream Program 

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Professional Administrative Business Services | details

If you are worn out by the details of running a business… I can help! I provide professional business services helping you with everything from organizing your office to the creation of a business plan aligned with operational design.

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Social Media Support efficiency

I affordably handle the details involved in providing and maintaining a solid marketing social media platform for your business so you can focus on your joy.

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Strategic Energy Reading| assessment

Gain a very clear holistic picture of your business, as well as inspiration for strategically graceful next steps.

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