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Integral Strategic Design

In a 90-day time frame, we review, revise and / or re-create holistic strategic goals and integrate them with :

-the organizational and operational design of your business

-traditional assets

-cultural assets, and

-your own innate leadership and business wisdom.

At the end-of-the-90 days, you will have:

-a powerful plan to share, should you chose, with your team and constituents, and

-an implementation method to track results.

The cost is $2,500 and includes free access, for 90 days, to Inhabit Movement & Meditation Group Sessions.

In general, the way we do this is:

-Approximately once a week (12 sessions) we meet / communicate for a focused hour.

-Based on deep listening and outcomes from our meeting I create, revise and update your plan for you, then share it with you for your review.

This editing process is very powerful as you deeply clarify and state what it is you are manifesting. It is pleasantly surprising to experience the degree of creative source that comes in when you are supported in this way.

For a limited number of clients, I provide on-going monthly administration of systems, reporting, and training and offer detail-related business services.