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Command Your Domain Group

Nine Sessions | Saturdays 10 a.m. – Noon MST | 01/04 – 03/01/2025

If you are a business owner interested in

  • Viewing your business from a very unique and holistic perspective that includes mind, body, and heart integration.
  • Freely expressing and sharing your authentic self through the vehicle of your business.
  • Graceful, integrated, sustainable implementation of actions.
  • Multi-energetic support for your endeavors.
  • Taking your business to the next level… whatever that means to you.

Please consider joining us for this powerful group series.

Your business is your domain, your territory….your kingdom. How could it not be affected by the multi-dimensionality of… you.

Powerfully commanding the domain of your business means being consciously aware of and directing your energy.

We will cover the energetic reality that is currently your business by meditatively and systematically delving into core components of a strong business.

By entering a meditative space with gentle stretching, breath, and visualization, you will gain a multi-perspective clarity to apply to your business and leadership; enhancing your ability to design and implement your plan.

The series consists of nine 1.5 hour-long sessions experienced via Zoom with a closed, safe group of like-minded business owners.

The cost is $315

Each session is designed to clear, enhance, and integrate your connection between your energy-field-landscape and the strategic components of a successful business. You will be surprised how exploring from this unique perspective brings focus, insights, epiphanies, and release of non-helpful energy. 

By taking intangible ripples of inspiration into the tangible reality of our current lives, we enter the territory of positive transformation that affects not just ourselves, but the world around us.

Extra Benefits

  • A holistic summary of your strategic intent in the form of a Balanced Scorecard.
  • Free access to Inhabit Movement Group Zoom Sessions during the length of the series.

Contact or text 832 752 3913.