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Command Your Domain Series


Your business is your domain, your territory….your kingdom. How could it not be affected by the multi-dimensionality of… you.

Powerfully commanding the domain of your business or project means being consciously aware of and directing… your energy.

We cover the reality that is your business by systematically delving into core components of a strong business. You will gain clarity to apply to your strategy and you will enhance your ability to design and implement your plan.

These nine hour-long sessions can be experienced via phone, Skype, or in person and are designed to clear and enhance your connection between your chakra landscape and the strategic components of business (vision, customers, products & services, strategy, marketing, finance, and community).

You are your business and projects. Whatever is showing up – the good, the bad, and the ugly — will be aligned with your mission and goals. With alignment comes power and multi-dimensional support.

Whether you “believe” in the chakra system or not does not matter. You will be surprised how simply viewing from this unique perspective brings insights and epiphanies.

When we are done, you will have an integrated summary of your strategic intent in the form of a Balanced Scorecard.

At my studio, in your home, via phone or Skype or in a group>> Click here for more info on Group Experience

Nine Sessions – $850

For an additional fee, based on deep listening and outcomes from our meeting I create, revise and update your plan for you, then share it with you for your review.

This editing process is very powerful as you deeply clarify and state what it is you are manifesting. It is pleasantly surprising to experience the degree of creative source that comes in when you are supported in this way.


a Strategy Stream Program