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Business Emergence Sessions

Water faceRADICAL EMERGENCE While it is important to organize and be in action, it is equally important to pause and review.

Emergence is possible when we review, not just the spreadsheet, but the spaces in-between.

As we move through our days, we tend to become disconnected from our spacious nature as we experience:


disconnection from the inspiring mission and purpose of our business.

energetic drains that come from absorbing energy that is not helpful to us as we connect to technology, other people, and the environment.

Ultimately, we can separate from our inherent holistic, expansive nature and unconsciously attempt to control the presence and pace of radical emergence.

Emergence can be found in the spaces in-between and gets us to the “pop“, the “aha”, the moment we realize we are not just our bodies and our minds, the answer, the knowing. Emergence becomes radical when we integrate the ripple post-pop. 

you + pause power = radical business emergence

Designed to support you exactly where you are – whether just starting out, evolving to the next level, or powerfully managing your growing enterprise with ease. Each program session is typically a blend of meditation, visualization, gentle yoga when appropriate, and energy clearings anchored in with a model for an integrative, co-expansive business.

With guided meditation, energy clearing, and a map of the seven key components of a business with gridlines connected to your chakras, I help you:

-notice and release what is not helpful

-fill new found spaciousness with supportive energy

-integrate shifts so you can move knowing into manifestation

-return to your alignment of radical flowing emergence and spaciousness

These hour-long sessions can be experienced via phone, Skype, or in person. In general, the first half-hour is dropping-in and experiencing the meditation. The second half-hour is communicating what you noticed and then, as I guide you, energetically integrating any shifts.

The only preparation is to make sure you have a protected hour and are able to sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor with some room for stretching your limbs and your expansive being! I also recommend allowing yourself at least 15 minutes after the session to just be with your own energy.

Many people find regular monthly sessions to be helpful and / or choose to engage in the eight-week-long Command Your Domain Series

At my studio, in your home, via phone or Skype.

One Session $100 – Three Sessions $240 – Five Sessions $ 375 – Eight Sessions  $475

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